Here's a weird one: fix MIDI note length?

Hey folks,

Picture this:

I have a MIDI track.

The output is routed to a VSTi.

Is it possible to fix the length of the note that gets sent to the VSTi, regardless of what is actually being played on the midi track?

So, whether the track contains 1/4 notes, whole notes, 16th notes, 8th notes, whatever, the output will always be (for example) 16th notes?

So, i’m talking purely about the note length. So regardless of the actual note played or recorded, what gets sent to the VSTi will start the note at the same time as played, but will ALWAYS send a note off a 16th later.

Any ideas?

Thanks! …J

I’m a little confused, but I’ll try to help the best I can. Are you wanting to record MIDI and it always is a 1/16th note length? If you don’t need to record with that set length, you can edit to 1/16th length after recording. Either set the grid to 1/16th notes and there’s a command to quantize lengths to 1/16ths. Or another option is setup a Logical Editor Preset to make all selected notes the same length. I have Logical presets set to key commands to make notes any length I desire. So if that’s what you’re needing, I’m happy to share the presets with you.

I forgot to mention, you might be able to set up an Input Transformer or MIDI modifier as well.


Maybe i should have been more specific, so here goes.

I have a VSTi “A”.

That VSTi has a delay plugin “D” inserted on it.

I need to be able to send midi notes of arbitrary length to “A”, but also those same midi notes to “D”, but the midi notes “D” receive MUST be of a fixed length, say a 16th or 200ms or whatever.

Of course i could first record, then copy that midi part, quantize the lengths, then send that to “D”, but i want to be able to do this live!

So, you see, a bit of a puzzle!

Then you should be able to do this with an Input Transformer or possibly one of the MIDI plugins. I’m not at the computer now, but if you need more details, let me know. :slight_smile: