Here's hoping on midi instrument recognizing midiguitar2

I have the midi track going with say proteus as the instrument, but it only plays on my virtual keyboard in Cubasele8.I cannot get the midi output box to recognize midiguitar2 as an output…only Microsoft gs wavetable synth or not connected.I’ve tried a lot of things but in order for the midi channel to work, it would seem to me for the midiguitar2 to be recognised as an option. Any suggestions? (Oh and remember midiguitar2 turns my guitar into a midi controller)
don’t pay attention to the pic not downloaded yet…it worked for me…


Does midiguitar2 also works as a MIDI Input? Isn’t it only MIDI Controller, so MIDI Output?

I’m just starting new with the midi track and have fooled around with it quite a bit as far as inputs outputs etc…originally i would load an audio track and midiguitar2 would be add add as an effect and then load an instrument track and choose something like Halion sonic se2 or another synth or piano etc. It would tie into midiguitar2 and play…but recently I loaded a midi track to see if the midi instruments that cubase gives me (about 20-30) would work with midiguitar2…the midi track when loaded with something like korg or Alesis keyboards, only plays or sounds on the cubase virtual keyboard…I tried matching inputs an outputs, even trying the “any” option…still nothing…maybe because it’s Cubasele8 free with a purchase I’m locked out…


In Cubase LE, you can use 3rd party plug-ins too. This is not the limitation of the LE version.

While using you MIDI Input, can you see the move of the virtual instrument’s virtual keyboard? Can you see any meters move in the virtual instrument? Can you see the meter in Cubase?

Yes …not only do the meters move, I get sound to like test what I would like to use , while using the virtual keyboard…but it will not recognize midiguitar2 like Halion or the structure vst synth or xpand2 synth that I have…it goes audio track-insert midiguitar2—midi track-but not recognizing midiguitar2 as an input …just gs wavetable Microsoft synth…

Are you sure, you check Inputs? HALion, xpand2, Microsoft Wave table, all of these are outputs, not inputs. Inputs are one field up.

I tried every which way, channels inputs outputs…different instruments hoping maybe the routing of midiguitar2-a synth or instrument-midi track with midi instruments…I was thinking that maybe because my version of Cubasele8 (free with the purchase of a multi effects pedal) had me locked out of those 25 -30 synth and keyboards in the midi device manager panel…

Could you attach a screenshot, please?



In the MIDI Track, could you click to the All MIDI Inputs? Can you see the midiguitar2 here? COuld you send a screenshot of these MIDI Inputs, please?




Here we go… Select the MIDI port Audio 01: Ins. 1 MIDIGuitar2-64bit…. This is theMIDI Port you want to use.

Now, if you play a guitar, the signal is converted to the MIDI data, and via this MIDI port, the data is routed to Cubase. So this is your Input. And this is how MIDIGuitar2 suppose to work. To transform your audio signal from guitar to the MIDI Data. It doesn’t work as MIDI Output, or as a virtual Instrument. It works, as an Input.

From this MIDI Input, you can feed any MIDI/Instrument track.

Where do I go in the forum to find out exactly if those keyboards and synths in the midi device manager are available to me in Cubasele8 free wit purchase?

This is not a MIDI output. You cannot use it in the Device Manager, it down make sense at all.

Yes i know i don’t have the terminology to explain exactly. .but the general idea was to get midiguitar2 to connect to one of those many s ynths in the midi device manager panel left column and have them play like the other synths and instruments when they’re loaded into an instrument track…I get nothing out of the midi track after loading one of those many synths in the left column of the midi device manager panel… I have no problem with making the instrument track hook up…whether they are an output or an input, I don’t know…but this is the idea I had to maybe have better tones when playing live…

I was thinking maybe with the Cubasele8 version that I have, that I was somehow locked out of these synths and had to upgrade for them to work?

Why do you need MIDI Devices for the Virtual Instrument?

Could you just simply add an Instrument Track with your favorite instrument and set its MIDI Input to the MidiGuitar? I guess, this is what you want to achieve.

When I play live with the synths and virtual instruments that I have, the tone sometimes isn’t all that good…so I thought using the other available synths in the midi device manager panel would provide a better tone…and as far as I know I can only access those synths through a midi track, not an instrument track, they don’t show up on the list…I end up tweaking parameters all day long on sound enhancing plugins to try to get good tone…