Hermode tuning and Kontakt

Has anyone been able to get Kontakt to play midi tracks with hermode tuning enabled? I can’t seem to get Kontakt to play midi with hermode tuning enabled on the track. I am using 7.02 64 with Kontakt 5.03 and Win 7 64. I hear the attack of first note then nothing. Track works fine with hermode disabled on the track as well as on a track with hermode enabled playing gig files on g-player.

Hermode tuning in Cubase is a Steinberg-only thing as far as I know. I believe the data sent to Kontakt is not understood by Kontakt and that’s why nothing plays.

According to Cubase rep and guru Greg Ondo at a Nashville Club Cubase demo last December hermode tuning works on third party vst 2.4 as well. And I have it working with G-player. ???

Wow. That would be awesome. I tried it when I bought C7 in Kontakt with the same results you describe, and figured it was proprietary.

I have had some problems with Reaktor with HMT enabled; dropping notes etc.

:bulb: Hermode Tuning and the Microtuner MIDI-Plugin do not work with NI-VST-Instruments. There is a bug in the VST 2.4 MIDI-Handling caused by NI. They interpret the Detune-Message as silence. They won´t fix the problem in the next couple of months…

Werner Kracht (Steinberg)

You say they won’t fix ? Could that be Germanglisch for might fix it in the next couple months?

(By the way, Werner Kracht is one of the original brains behind Cubase and Nuendo, and, I believe the wonderful Interactive Phrase Synthesizer (and pro-24 too)) He is a composer too.
Hi Werner.

Aloha W,

and ‘Mahalo’ for your work.

Hi guys,

I can confirm that Hermode Tuning does not work with Kontakt at the moment but I think it works with Play libraries…
I say “I think” because the difference in tuning is very subtle but for me there is a difference…

I have done a comparison with a mock-up of a piece by Wagner and I’ve created a thread over on the v.i.control forum, so if you’re interested you can judge for yourself:


I’ll post the links to the files here, too:

Version with Hermode tuning:

Version without Hermode tuning:

Hermode tuning is more musicial. Like the examples!

Greetings Parnasso…

What a beautiful job sequencing the Mahler. You are right that the effect is quite subtle,I fancied that the one with hermode tuning sounded sweeter and more in tune, but upon re-listening and A-B-ing the to in a project I realize that I would have to spend more time with it to have a reliable opinion.

So to verify that it does work with outside VSTs I did a simple test with a cadence with non-vibrato flutes from Garritan Personal Orchestra, it definitely does work, which is great. I hope Native Instruments makes it work in Kontakt, that’s what I use. I sent in a support request about it, maybe others can also send in a support request to get it higher on their radar, if it isn’t already. (though It probably is of course and I’m being impatient)



Steve and More Cowbell, thanks for listening and for your kind words!

As a pianist I’m not that trained to concentrate on intonation so it’s entirely possible that I imagine differences that are actually not there… and then I dedicated so much time to that Wagner piece that probably I’m not able anymore to listen to it in a neutral and objective way. But I think I can hear a clear difference in the examples you provided, Steve. Thank you!


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I can confirm here also Kontakt (5.1) doesn’t play with HMT Follow enabled - Cubase Version 7.03. It works with all my other Vst Instruments…

Is this a bug or problem with Kontakt? It would be really really nice to get this working.

This is a problem with Native Instruments Kontakt. It does not accept the commands necessary for microtonal and hermode tuning. Instead when it receives one of those commands it becomes silent. The commands are part of VST 2.4 which NI says they support, but they don’t, fully.

It’s up to them to fix. If you would create a ticket on their support website so they can at least see there are people using Cubase and VST 2.5 who want it to work, perhaps we can see it.

They also have a forum, but they don’t participate, and, absurdly, there is even a bit of VST bashing.

Will Hermode Tuning work with external synths, say a Yamaha S-90 or a Motif? Thanks