Hermode tuning for Steinberg products only or 3rd party?

So that’s the question, does it have to be a Steinberg VSTi in order for it to work, or not?

vst 3 i guess

I’d like some additional info on Hermode tuning implementation as well. This has all the potential to make a HUGE difference if implemented properly.

Tuning just some tracks and not others wouldn’t make much sense. Variaudio seems to be polyphonic now and with chord track it should definitely be possible to re-tune audio as well. The technology is there. For midi tracks, VST Expression would be the obvious thing but I would think it’s possible to export a polyphonic midi track feeding VST2.4 or external instrument and re-tune it by exporting simultaneous voices separately and adding those together.

Maybe Steinberg came up with something even better. Surely they wouldn’t do such a half-assed job with the Hermode implementation as the Logic devs did, right? RIGHT?

If it is Hermode tuning it’s going to be global, but like tekniq said it’s probably for VST 3 instruments only, which I think might mean Steinberg only.

Apple Logic has it, but I don’t know how they implement it, it’s global, but does it work on non-EXS and 3rd party modules? Anyone know?

As I understand it Hermode refers to this company: http://www.hermode.com/index_en.html

No it’s not…

Oops, my bad. Seems one can only view multiple parts simultaneously in Variaudio view. Nevertheless, it should be possible technically.

I had a quick look at Logic manual and there Hermode tuning is restricted to the built-in instruments and even then you have to go through extra hoops so no wonder it hasn’t became a big thing among Logic users. Haven’t used Logic myself so no first hand experience on this.

Not yet… :smiling_imp:

Not if more plugin developers enter to make more VST 3 instrument plugins. The VST 3 SDK is as free as VST 2 is.

All the best.


It’s not about vst3. I just checked some third party vst3 plugins, none of them work with hermode tuning.
The plugin itself must have hermode tuning mode possible and none of the developers seem to be bothered with that.

Oh well.

It’s a feature that is of rather dubious value anyway, imo. As far as I can tell from reading about it, it does not imitate human pitch adjusting while playing live, as would do a string quartet, which would be my interest.

I’m sorry but to me hermode tuning just sounds totally dead. Great for removing all traces of “soul” out of already pretty bad music though.