Hey 8.5 users save yourself at least one head ache.

Greets all and happy Holidaze

I just wanted to share something with you i found by accident thats fixed a lot of crashing issues for me

what i found was some installers even though you select only one type of plug in ( be it 32- 64 bit or Vst3) all forms get installed regardless ( hello wavs and NI) although it was never an issue before 8.5 does not like when there are 2 different versions of the same VSTi or VST so I’ve gone through and made sure i had just 64 bit plug ins or 32 bit that don’t have 64 bit. and BOOM my install is solid as a rock now and have spent the day recording without issue

just a lil sumtin to maybe look into if you have stability freezing crash issues in Cubase 8.5

also i have notices Steiny has upgraded some plugins it seems and as such older project done with elate version are not loading this steiny plug ins… MultibandCompressor being one of them…might have to do with being able to side chain now. just a guess as there is a SC button at the bottom now that wasn’t there before



Thanks for the info.

I was able to go 64-bit-only a few years ago (luckily I had no dependencies on 32-bit plugins) and can’t remember the last time I had a crash. I think it’s finally time to start getting rid of 32-bit plugins in Cubase – Cubase 8.5 is last version to be 32-bit compatible – although that will not mean you can’t load 32-bit plugins, just that there won’t be a 32-bit version of Cubase.

I’ve always been able to install only the 64-bit versions of all NI products, by the way … never had a problem there; don’t use Waves so can’t say.

Never had an issue with having 32 bit plugins on a system along with an earlier version of cubase that’s 32 bit.

32 bit Cubase on your 64bit hardware and 64bit OS is restricted to a maximum memory usage limit of 4GB (even if you had 16 GB or 32 GB ++ memory installed in your machine) anything beyond 4GB is inaccessible.
Also, even though the limit is 4GB that doesn’t mean you will get a full 4GB assigned in which 32 bit software can operate. It may have to share that memory space with other system software. You may only have 2 GB or less available in which to operate your 32 bit software.

Add just one big memory using sampler to the mix like Kontakt and you could easily be out of memory in the software space - even though your system appears to have 20+GB free memory.

This also applies to the 32 bit plugins used in Cubase (and even jbridged)

The upper memory restriction of 4GB max is a hard limitation of 32 bit software.

Just one of MANY reasons to get with the modern times and use 64 bit architecture.