Hey does anyone know how to get dry wet knob in cubase?

Hi, I recently switched to cubase from fl studio and would be eager to know how to dry wet a plugin directly within the mixer. In fl studio theres a knob on the right that controls it but i cant seem to find anything of this sort in cubase. Ableton has a similar problem but that can be solved with a dry wet rack. I know i can use a send but its a lot of extra clicks and then i have to play around with the faders to get it right.
Thanks in advance if anyone knows how to do this.

No other way than creating a send… unless you get third party plugin host/chainer like BlueCat Patchwork, ddmf Metaplugin/superplugin or similar…

Ah I see, sad to see hopefully they add that in future updates would be a very nice feature to have since some plugins don’t have a dry wet knob. Thx for info will definitely check out patchwork from Blue Cat.