hey Ed any news for us?

Anything happening with our MAJOR issues with this product…

You seem to have said you have forwarded the information to the relevant people but then you shy away from updating us…

What the heck is happening mate…

Do I have to get a friend of mine in Germany to walk up to steinbergs head office and demand answers on my behalf?

This is meant to be a support network and you are meant to be an administrator…

Everyone is talking on here except the people who Work FOR Steinberg!

Its really disappointing mate!

Poor Form indeed!



I hate to break this to y’all but the fact is that the MR’s will probably be neglected after the new and improved UR series. :frowning: Same issue with the CC121 and the CMC’s.

We are currently working on it (and I mean it). There are several discussions happening as I write this and we aim to address this issue andhave a statement soon.


That means so much to me and I am sure everyone else…

Thanks for letting us know…

I hope you find a solution because you know how we all feel :slight_smile:



Thank you Ed for the response. I am hopeful that you guys can come up with something to address our concerns.

You guys are, and have always been, awesome (and I mean it). :wink:

Ed, Please define “soon”… :question:

It wasn’t soon enough for me. As I mentioned in another thread, I’m bailing out on Steinberg interfaces. I placed an order with Little Fish for a nice UA Apollo Quad. As soon as I’m up and running, you’ll see my two 816’s listed on eBay. I know I’ll take a huge loss but these little problems add up and take their toll. I have to have either direct monitoring or ultra low latency. There has to be support, not delays and excuses.

Ed, With all due respect, I’m tired of hearing “we’re working on it” and “we’ll have an answer soon…”


If you messed up and can’t make it work, ADMIT IT and do something for all of us that have bought your products believing your advertising to be truthful when - either deliberately or unintentionally - it wasn’t. Otherwise, it looks to me like Steinberg is just hoping that the statute of limitations will run out on false advertising claims and fully intends to screw all its customers…




So… Ed… It has now been a month and… crickets…
Actually, its been the same story for more than 2 years… Anything EVER going to happen? I doubt it. Steinberg is just trying to delay long enough that they run out the statute of limitations clock on false advertising lawsuits. Disgusting.

I will NEVER buy another piece of Steinberg hardware again. I will tell EVERYONE I encounter what crap support they provide, how they advertise products with features they don’t have, and how they LIE to their customers when they get caught. Pathetic…



Big Plus One!

Please read our final statement on this here: