Hey guys, i need your opinion ! Would really help ..

Hey guys,

When i create drum beats, i use groove agent, and drag and drop samples to the pads, finally trigger them with keyboard or beat designer … frankly, i find it too time consuming … So, i need your input …

What is the easiest and most fastest method to create a simple drum beat with my own drum sample library … NOT stock sounds inside of the marvelous Cubase 7 ?

Please be as specific as possible

And thanks in advanced, your feedback will truly help

How else would you think it would be possible to get your user sample to your triggering device , I mean im finding it hard to understand why you think , mediabay >drag and drop> trigger is very time consuming , Could you elaborate ?

one limitation is that u can’t drag N drop from windows explorer directly to GAO, u have to use Mediabay for this or import the samples first to project track than from projects track drop to GAO.
otherwise its pretty fast. building your own preset takes some time !