Hey guys. So what's new? Upgrading from SX3. Dinosaur.

Well. It’s been a while. Any old timer’s still around? I’m embarking on a new DAW build…should be fairly interesting. How is cubase 7.5 treating everybody?

Some are saying the 7.5 update is worse than 7… Surprise! I’m sure they’ll fix it on version 8 :unamused:

I saw the full retail Cubase 7 on selling on ebay for $399.00 if you want to chance it.

Is that you Joe? :mrgreen:

Yep. Cheers. It’s been a while.

Thanks for the input SYNC. Stability issues or feature set issues?

Joe, I’m still on cubase 6.5 here if that tells you anything. Never tried v7 as all the issues it has had. GUI and operational things that would affect me. I decided to skip 7 all together.

Joe, I actually have never used Cubase 7 myself, my comments were only what I’ve been hearing about it. Tom here seems to concur. I’m not sure I’d let any of this bother me…we’ve all been hearing problems like this for years with every Cubase version that has ever came out.

In the past, and I think people must be onto this by now… Steinbergs ‘excuse’ is that basically, ‘times, they are a changin’. While it’s true that they try to keep up with all the new OS versions, all the new computer hardware etc…someone, I mean SOMEONE get REAL, and start playing CATCH UP on all the stuff that has already been OUT for a while, so that everything is more STABLE for people instead of scrambling to develop NEW versions to SELL everyone :exclamation:

I remember reading that the US military typically stays behind with using an older, but much more established operating system …why? Stability, tried & time tested :bulb:

Getting & using the latest versions of EVERYTHING as soon as it comes out is just looking for troubles IMO. I’ve read here many times that people who’ve upgraded to Cubase 7 are actually still using ‘earlier’ versions.

I think the best way to upgrade, is to buy a used older version of anything…with Cubase, maybe someone who’s moved to Logic :laughing:


Is there anybody out there? :wink:

Just went from SX2 --> 7.5. That was a quick 10 years…my word.

Who’s still here?

If you haven’t actually tried it how do you know?

@everyone else

7.07 works fine on a modern OS, 7.5 introduced new features and may not be feature complete.

There is a post I wrote about that that highlighted 5-10 reported and confirmed issues that would make my life a nightmare. Read this:

I have no idea what has been fixed that was talked about in that thread or my post. After following the cubase 7 development reports, I decided to pass. I’m glad it works for you though!

It all depends on usage. Workflow compromises are not accepted here. Time is important to me. I can do a whole lot more without all the added clicks. My system runs great. No reason to potentially brick it with all that new code in v7.

You wrote:
“New features may not be feature complete”

That is one hell of a wild card to me!

It means that new features were introduced into the product cycle that may require refinement (my words).

Contrary to the assertions referenced from another topic, Cubase 7.07 is feature complete.

The fact that a statement can be made based on the hearsay of others’ is telling in my view in particular when topics linked either do not exist, are solved or are OS related issues.

Pet peeve: When you quote people, don’t alter the words in the quote. I didn’t write that. I forgive you for trying to make your point. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hearsay you say?! Lol. All those issues were/are real. As I wrote in my earlier post, I don’t know what has or has not been fixed. I followed the development cycle for a looooong time, nuendo too, and here I am… No cubase 7 and I sold nuendo. That ought to mean something but engineering isn’t a hobby to me, it pays bills so take my post lightly as we may have different tolerances for what we are willing to accept. :mrgreen:

To Joe: Buyer beware and careful what you read!

Thanks for the input fellas! Still organizing old software upgrade paths, etc. and mulling over the DAW build. Looks like WIN7 is way to go. Also still waiting on a query I posted to Steinberg on the upgrade price from SX3 that is supposed to be available until 8/31, but is listed as currently not available to order on their site…

This is the lounge, so I’m supposing there will be more latitude on how posts can be made.

Without wanting to engage in tit-for-tat discussion, I was merely correcting your misquote of me.

I would however auger that by definition your post(s) are trolling in nature; as you don’t actually own the product, have never used nor even tried it and therefore have no genuine reason to comment.

Hi Joe! :wave:

I’m using Cubase 7 on Windows 7 and I haven’t encountered any issues yet.
But, to be honest, I haven’t recorded much lately and I don’t push Cubase to its limits.


Did you know that >> :stuck_out_tongue: << means razzing/having fun? I’m really sorry you can’t accept my opinion on cubase 7. I tried explaining how it was formed.

So, how about this one:

I know Joe. Is that is a genuine reason to comment? :laughing:

Hi Wim! Thnx.

Hey people. Let’s play nice.

I see this place hasn’t really changed much. :mr teeth:

You can still run SX3 under the C7 license, not to mention C4, 5 and 6. Just request D/L links from one of the mods.

The only real issues with C7 is trying to bridge 32 bit plugs in the 64 bit flavor. J-Bridge solves most of that.

Oh, pre VST 2.3 plugs are not supported, IIRC.

And it’s :mr green: or :teef:, not :mr teeth:, :yfc:. :wink:

The REAL issue is the toyish mixer with its mouseover nonsense and rightclick nonsense for things that where clear visibly up to Cubase 6.

But to be fair: Padshop, Retrologue and Halion Sonic 2 (SE) are REALLY great.
I just bought the absolute collection and don’t regret it.

Although I perfectly understand your point and sticking with whatever works for you, that thread is very old and all the issues in your post have been solved in either 7.0.2 or 7.0.3 (except one that does not exists anymore). I don’t think it really applies to 7.5.