Hey Hey Hey

Here’s one I’m readdressing.


Love the vocal compositions especially on the “Hey Hey Hey” / “My My My” phrases. The vocals sit well in the mix in general. The slide guitar is pretty nifty too. :smiley:

Great song overall.

Are the drums based on a loop library?

Nice little piece – great lyric! Sounds like any number of guys I know :laughing:

Perfect song and mix, IMHO :sunglasses:

Another great one… lovely guitar sound as usual. Vocals remind me of Eric Clapton this time. I know last time I said Randy Newman… they don’t really sound alike, do they!

Just fantastic as usual. Vocals are awesome, and the mix and performances are ear-candy.

It’s the bomb!

Nice one…your best vox sound yet…Kevin

Sure appreciate all your comments.


Cool song! Nice harmonies. :sunglasses:

Thanks Horn.