Hey Jody

This is my attempt at writing a pop song with silly, sappy lyrics.

Awesome guitar! Lovely organ solo, but awesome guitar. Really enjoyable sounds and mix throughout, but that guitar solo was so enjoyable. I can see (hear) why you love strats.


Good stuff, killer chords and structured very well. Both solos had good phrasing and sound. I particularly liked the harmony under the second use of the word ‘time’ in each section. I enjoyed listening a lot, however I did feel the vocal phrasing could be improved a bit in parts.

you can’t write silly sappy lyrics…these are pretty good lyrics as lyrics go nowadays…try again…usual good stuff goin on underneath the song…I’ve got a strat that sounds crap compared to yours…Kevin

good stuff again lots of interesting things happening , the 3rd note, (yes the third i counted, good job it wasnt in the middle of the solo) of the solo sounded like the string got caught under the pickup ,of course it didnt . steve vai does a trick where he pulls the string off the side of the neck creating a squeek .you sound like your avin a laugh when you play.good stuff

Appreciate the comments and critiques.

Guitar recording technique please? Direct? Mic’d? If Mic’d which in what configuration? Amp? Plugins? :slight_smile:

Drums? VST? Real? More tracking details in these threads as they are just as important as song or mixing critiques.

Strats rule although I’ve recently been moving over to humbuckers lately after using strats exclusively for over 20+ years.

I love the song. This is going into my rotation. :smiley:

I played a strat with humbuckers directly into a Goodsell 1x12 17 watt combo. Amp was mic’d with a shure sm57. Applied yamaha reverb (MR816) and [probably a bit of compression.

Drums are real. 70’s ludwig kit. SM57 on each drum except for kick.(SM52). Studio project CS1 as a room mic. ATM 450 as overheads.

Great drum track! Really enjoyed the tune – nice breezy groove :sunglasses:

Thanks Twilightsong.

I’ll cook and do the dishes, :slight_smile: yeah that I will remember, nice lyric, man!
Very nice song and easy atmosphere, pleasure to listen to. Nice notes in your solo. 70’s Beck to my ears.

Man, you guys all… are just so good. This is stuff I can’t do, not even close. As others have said the guitars are obviously fantastic. The voice is perfect for the song. The arrangement is great. I love the organ sounds and how the instrumentation all comes together.

Really beautiful stuff.



another great job!