Hey Jody

I wrote this back in 1976 (kind of sounds like a 70’s pop tune) and rerecorded it with a couple of friends 3 weeks ago.

Joe Davies - Guitars and Vocals
John JT Thomas - Keys and bass guitar
Rick Lonow - Drums


It’s a great pleasure when you put stuff up here. Thanks. Love it. I guess you are Joe! I’ll just remark that there’s a lot of background hiss on this one that isn’t on your other ones, for whatever reason. Thanks for sharing it!

Thanks for listening Early 21. I’ll check that background hiss.

True to the groove. Nice.

yeh very good, 1976 eh, hope you havn`t been brooding over it since then ,i write some tunes and they are always at the back of my mind untill they are out in the ether ,great zappery type lyrics and great playing as always