Hey Timo and others:

Whenever you’re ready feel free to at least comment on 6.0.3 issues.


Yes, that would be nice :wink:

It is not like we have a long weekend with 3 public holidays…?
I have the strange feeling that the employees at Steinberg are enjoying some days off over eastern.
Yes, it is a real drag eversince they abolished slavery over here, some people actually claim the right
to take leave from work.
Were this will lead us? Nobody knows…

Big K ( self-employed…)


Can I request a comment from them today or? How long do I have to wait Big K?


we are currently in the process of analysing the issues reported. Each confirmed issue
will get a tracking number and will be compiled with the list that has been created
for Cubase 7.


Perhaps you could tell people who have a problem with that missing file after 6.0.3 installation just what they should do? I mean, sure, the above is a comment, but for anyone who hasn’t found a solution to the aforementioned issue it just plain sucks and they’ll be sitting on a useless update until you see fit to talk to them. Surely you’re not suggesting that won’t happen until you’re done compiling your list?

You pick an amount of money, and I bet that one of the following two will happen:

  1. It won’t alleviate mouse clicking much at all
  2. It’ll take a long time before it shows up

Good to hear - thx Timo.

If it’s identified to be a reproduceable issue and there is no workaround to that,
then it will be scheduled for fixing.

Hey, Lydiot
Do we want to become childish around here?
Then +1… Will it be more the 6 or 13 year niveau?

Starting here:
Cheers to those -brave enough to run commercial projects on new DAW versions and after that …
let’s mourn for those who lost it all through a dreadful bug in this just released upgrade.

Big K

Thanks for your input. Not only did you show how to be the “bigger man” but also completely without irony managed to simultaneously raise the level of discourse from that “childish niveau”. Well done.

Btw; did the wheel get its oil?

I as well would like to have some Steinberg comment on what situation we are in with the missing file from the mac 6.0.3 update. Some workarounds have been suggested from forum users but it would be nice if Steinberg could confirm these as valid.

Darren “Ignoring The Warning” Ingram

Lydiot wrote:
Thanks for your input. Not only did you show how to be the “bigger man” but also completely without irony managed to simultaneously raise the level of discourse from that “childish niveau”. Well done.
Btw; did the wheel get its oil?[/quote]

Oh, jolly good!

Thank you! I feared, you might take it the wrong way… Thank goodness, it isn’t so and
I could safe this topic from becomming pupertal.

Now, let this be a shining light of guidance to you and furtheron stay on the path of
understanding and thoughtful conversation.

True greatness shows … , I know.

Plenty of oil, plenty of oil on the wheels.
I wished, you had greased your gears just as well. It is paying off…

Big K ( also physically big…)

Do I need to ad a bunch of :wink: to that… just enough that you get it, too ?


please contact me via PM for exchanging further information.


With all due respect Timo; In the thread about the update (6.0.3) people were talking about this very problem. This affects more than one person. Why are you telling people in that thread to start a different thread about the problem, and then when you respond to Darren about the problem you tell him to PM you?

Don’t you think that everyone else needs that same information?

Yes, they do. I’m holding off installing this update because I don’t want to deal with error messages about missing files. The solution that others have proposed may well work, but it would be nice to hear from someone at Steinberg that it’s not going to cause problems further down the line.

In my opinion, once it’s been established that an installer is throwing error messages it should be withdrawn, fixed and put back up - not collated and compared to problems in Cubase.

It’s about analyzing the problem, not hiding the results of the investigation. We will share all results
with everybody. It makes no sense to make a long discussion out of it, we need time for figuring
out the problem.

In defense of Timo and others at Steinberg, I feel that they are listening to us. I agree with most of what is said here about some of the design changes to the mixer that have made some things slower but some are also faster. If we can get the best of both worlds then this will be a terrific upgrade. I think a little time to work things out is in order.

Having said that, there are two things that I would love to have changed. Can we get the flip gain button on the EQ on the eq window? I use this a lot and don’t like having to right click to get to it each time.

Also I would love to have the channel gain and input outputs optionally smaller like in the old mixer. It used to take up so little space and I love to be able to glance to see it (also visible numbers on channel gain without having to mouse over it).



“makes no sense to make a long discussion out of it”? I think it does. People talked about it and may have found a solution. And just look at some of the other threads where a user had a problem and everyone chimed in and tried to help troubleshoot the problem to the point where it was solved. That’s what you get when you have a discussion.

I would have thought that’s what a forum was all about. But I guess I’m wrong. Better lock this thread as well.