Been quite some time since I read/wrote in here… life changes have kept me busy, setting my sights on retirement in the next 6-12 months, need to get down to some music making again. I have 8.5pro, do I really need to upgrade to 10.5? I have been mostly ITB for ages, and I see one or two features that appeal… better starting reading some more I guess.

Anyway, just wanted to say hello again, I see some familiar names and lots of new ones. :sunglasses:



Howdy Robin! I don’t get around here much these days, so it was nice to see your post. Are you still doing the long distance commute?

Best Wishes to you and yours for the Holidays!

Greetings from Australia, Robin, nice to ‘see’ you, I hope you’ve been well!

C10.5 has been getting quite a mixed welcome here, in my case it seems to be causing huge CPU spikes, audio in a project, with only several MIDI tracks, gets garbled after a time when looping and recording over a section in the project.
C10.0.50 works just fine with the same project, and doing the same thing.

I hope you and yours have a very happy Christmas, 'hope that’s ok, I’m too damn old to be PC…


Welcome back! You don’t need to do anything if you can do what you want to in 8.5pro? A lot has changed since 8.5 but if you need an upgrade is up to you? For one ‘big’ thing …32bit plugins are not supported anymore. So if you have precious gems that are only available in 32 bit be prepared for that!

I had kind of a phase probably similar to yours some years back where I totally abandoned music creation/production. But since 2013 or so I’m fully up and running again. :slight_smile:

I can tell you it really helps to read in and follow the forums (Steinberg, KVR, Gearslutz, etc) and maybe other useful stuff. It will take you a while to get back into the ‘flow’ but you’ll get there if you really want to?

I think you’d like what 10.5 offers, but you’d also likely find that there have been some changes you may not like. A review of the threads going back to the Ver 10 roll out will show you – right-click menu changes, tool bar and transport (F2) also changed, some other issues with the GUI and plug-in scaling, etc. Also, Ver 10.5 only supports Windows 10 (if you’re on the mac, I’d check versions and so on because I think there have been some issues with that as well).

I’m still on Cubase Pro Ver 10.0.4 and think that it’s better than Pro 9.5 even with some of the undesirable changes that were introduced with Ver 10. For me, the improvements outweighed any negative changes made with this version.

I tend to be a slower adopter and wait for others to “take the hit” on early releases.

Anyway, your posts have always been helpful and informative. Good luck with things.