HI all!! Im new here, need Help, installing cubase.

Okayyy… so I’ve bought Cubase 6 educational, I’ve installed the 64 bit version, as my computer is running “windows 7 64 bit”

I’ve opened the ELicenser =, upon opening this I noticed a few problems, when the “maintenance” box opens on first installation, there was no writing it was just to buttons, that you couldn’t see what they did, so I just presumed the one on the right was update, so that went thru and updated.

I Then entered my activation code, I got a message half way thru installing the license, summit went wrong, I tried pressing recover like it said but that dint do anything, it said “There was nothing to recover”.

But everything seems fine within my elicener, I click on my “Elicenser” tab within the Elicenser, and underneath the licenes tab (located on the right hand side) I get two licences, first one “All applications, Steinberg, non-movable, remaining time 25 h” DOES THIS MEAN IVE GOT 25 HOURS TO REGISTER THE PRODUCT PROPERLY?? HAVE DONE I THIS WRONG??

But the my second licence is “Cubase 7, Steinberg, educational” bUT HANG ON I INSTALLED THE CUBASE 6 VERSION, DOES THIS MEAN I CAN UPGRADE TO CUBASE 7 NOW?? IF SO HOW DO I DO THAT??

I was told when I purchased the item I can get a free update to Cubase 6.5 but I’ve been browsing thru your website and registered but cant find how to do it??? can anyone help???

Thanks in advanced for any answers ITS Much APPRECIATED.


Hi DomzG,

First try updating your license control center to the latest version at elicenser.net. Next enter the activation code that appeared on the slip in the package and plug in your elicenser. After successfully entering your code, drag the license that appears to the correct elicenser.

I don’t know what’s up with you seeing Cubase 7 license in the elcc. Maybe a trial version of some kind was included or you have met the grace period, depending on the date which you purchased/activated Cubase. The All Applications license was preinstalled or you may have downloaded a trial software from the Steinberg site?

For the complete process please read the “Getting Started” section in the first post of our Knowledgebase (http://www.steinberg.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=130&t=23576#p151237). There are images and information to help you get started.

Hi, thanks for the reply.
Ive got things sorted but im still a bit confused. I activated my licence and installed Cubase 6 today. (From the box a retail version, “Cubase 6 education version”) as im currently studying at college.

Everything’s running fine within Cubase 6, no problems. but I was told when I bought it I could upgrade to Cubase 6.5 for free.

But when activating my license, under the licences tab in the control centre it says “CUBASE 7, Steinberg, Educational”. not Cubase 6 or Cubase 6.5.

So Ive gone to the “Support” tab on the Steinberg website, clicked “downloads” then choose Cubase 7 from the drop down list, then downloaded this…

""Cubase 7.0.0 Core Installer

Here you can download the Cubase 7 core installer separately if your main computer does not provide an active internet connection or if the connection is unstable or too slow and you had to abort the download as part of the DVD installation.

Please keep in mind that the DVD content needs to be installed as well to have access to all Cubase 7 features.
Without a valid Cubase 7 license on the USB-eLicenser, this download cannot be used!""

Everything works fine, im currently running Cubase 7 without any problems and my licence is “Full” it says this when I click on the licence within the licence centre. The only thing im missing within Cubase 7 are the standard VST’s and plugins, such as Cubase compressors and eqs etc. why is this?? is this because I haven’t installed the full version of Cubase 7?? I don’t know, that’s the only problem I can see at the minute, no VST’s or plugins, Just my own 3rd party VST’s and plugins.

Thanks a lot for having the time to reply, any help here would be appreciated again.

Thank You!!!

This is a strange situation, with you having bought a C6 version and apparently the code is to a Cubase 7 version. Very curious indeed, and this may well be a glitch with your license code!

As far as missing the plug-ins, have a look under Devices>VST Plugin Information and scan the correct folder on the hard drive, remembering to click Update. Normally the folders the included plugins are in are already scanned, but this may be an interesting situation. The core installer should be everything needed to run the core Cubase application, but extras will have to be installed separately, from your C6 installer disc. This installer is probably available for folks having lost their installer discs, but needing to get on with important projects, as legit users will have legit licenses. So all in all, I would keep trucking with what you got and install all the VSTi’s that come on your Cubase installation disc and scan them into Cubase using the VST Plugin Info window. You may be missing some plug-in presets if they do not install separately so look out for that as well. It may pay to do some copy/paste work with your presets from your C6 folder to your C7 folder, depending on how much territory the core installer covers.

If you have bought this copy second hand, someone might have accidentally given you their C7 code! Just a possibility. If you feel funny trying to run on C7 like this, your C6 should run fine under a C7 license.

Any Cubase 6 license bought after the grace period began is automatically updated to Cubase 7.

Your license situation sounds like it is correct (which means you can now start posting in the product forums - this thread is already becoming a mess).

For your whacked Cubase 7 installation I would try this …

Uninstall the 7.0.0 core installer

Move/remove any Cubase 6 and 7 “preference” folders (for reasons I don’t understand, 7 will try to pick up on the 6 folder’s settings during the install)


Install the 7.0.2 complete download and 7.0.4 update

If you have further problems I would suggest posting in the relevant Cubase forum. You will have a lot more folks reading your post there, too.

Thanks for all the replys people its much apprectiated. i was just a little confused, but everything is working fine. just wondered what was going on, if i installed correctly etc. i will try copying and pasting the VST’s thats a good idea nice one. and thanks for the link aswell, i will give it a read now. and my version of cubase was boxed aqnd sealled so coudnt of been used. anywayss… thanks. good luck with all productions. :smiley:

actually now thinking about it i might try scrab pickens idea… ummm… thankyou!!!