Hi all whats happening in nuendo land....

still running 4.3 here and happy, hows it panning out for people ? I am really not using it for much except playback, process and capturing these days and it does a grand job of that. I guess I could use Cubase but it is perfectly fine as is. cheers. Hope you are well Fredo (if you are still moderating?)

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Hi Barry,

Yup all is fine over here.
Hope you are too.
How’s business going?


Great glad to hear you are alive and kicking ! Strength to strength Fredo, it’s a marathon not a sprint but considering this thing is built in a recession incidentally the longest one ever that the UK was particularly exposed to it is going very well. I never stop learning things.

But also never getting complacent.

Nuendo doing me proud here, no need to change that which works.

Hope it is sunny in Belgium.

A quick rack shot … with my new compressor HCL Varis

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Hey Barry :slight_smile:

Hi Brandy I looked up your site a few weeks back. I hope things are going well !
I always remember the name “Iguana”, it’s been long since the site was offline but
it seems your work is less driven by the website and is more established anyway
so thats cool, me too one day I hope. I have my fair share of repeat clients and word of mouth business but the site does help.It takes time in this economic climate (yes the never ending problems!!!)
to build but it can be done, my word it needs hard work though luckily I have that ethic so it’s all good and working well. In fact the work surrounding running a small business on your own is almost endless. :confused:

Same old paragraph, poetry style layout of posts lol.

Nice to hear form you.

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Hey Barry - well it is exactly like you wrote - I was working the last 2 years about 80hours/week - without any internet-promotion, exept some Facebook-Networking etc…

But in summer I will have some offtime - I will use that to chill a little as well as finaly putting up a page - because today everyone (the kids!!) only and first are checking you on the internet, they need to see something cool and YES stuff over there… fortunatelly I have a lot of permanent customers, but sometimes everyone just released his album and then you have to get some jobs from “new and outside” areas. A page is needed here :slight_smile:

Barry, it is ok to ask a question?

It is ok to have the DAW “at the side” in a 90° degree? Hearing the stuff in mono with only the right ear when tweaking?! I can not believe that this can work…? I have that (left ear) position when I am typing emails or browsing the internet (now) - that gives me always some kind if new perspective… But for tweaking/editing the material?

A second thing I am wondering (not ment to critisize!) is, if those speakers are sounding fine on those light wooden stands… In the past I spent a lot of time to place my speakers and the best results I had with VERY SOLID stands - made out of MDF filled with sand… I am a selfmade dude as well and those filled stands are just a couple of hours work and not more than 50 bucks…

Hi Brandy, if you consider how it is to work with a desk, screen or mixer in front of you there is no way that is going to give you a comb filter free perspective/accurate stereo image. Working off to the side is absolutely fine, in fact preferred, what reaches my ears is direct from the speaker not speaker + reflection. There are a few other ME’s who have chosen this way to work, it is not completely unique. However just to clarify, I turn my head or swivel the chair 90 degrees and I am in the typical position that one would expect, except it’s better cause I am hearing sound without obstruction from driver to ear, having equipment in front of you and speaker affects both stereo image and frequency response.

For me, my arrangements sounds perfect, I instantly know what to do with this arrangement and that is what mastering is all about, knowing what to do or not the moment you hear something. Sure there is a little change when you get a perspective but I make most of my moves within minutes and they are 90pct right first time.

My dad is a carpenter, he knows what he is doing, the wood is thick, it is glued and screwed so they are very strong, in fact 5 vertical supports. In addition they are mounted on paving stones and isolated from the speaker with a 1cm sheet of neoprene rubber. I guess looks can be deceiving. The decoupling from the base is high, the wood on the actual PMC IB1S is very thick 1 inch thick and does not move that much in itself (i.e. so transfer of vibration down is not great and the bottom panel has a relatively high resonant frequency). Also internally transmission line speakers are naturally very highly braced they are very solid. A dubstep track at 85 dB SPL hardly even moves the uprights on the stands. Certainly not enough to have any influence on decisions when you are hearing 85 dB SPL direct. 85dBSPL through these speakers sounds like nothing, it is so clear and clean you want them at 100dB plus before it even sounds ’ loud '.

Once I thought the BM6P was a detailed speaker and revealing. I was wrong, they are destroyed by the PMC in every way. But I keep the BM6 here to because I grew up on them and they serve a useful secondary reference.


Thanks for the explanation, I was just wondering! :slight_smile:

Sound good!

Thats what I did too, I was curious and when I heard ‘reflection free’ I was not going back to the old ways.
It’s a clear advantage, the downside is turning my head, which is hardly a disadvantage. :slight_smile:

If I ever freelance these days I can hear the problems real quick.

Try this… sit in sweet spot, just move your head up or down left and right and hear the changes, of course it is in part down to ear position in the room itself, but much of the change you hear and it can be quite dramatic, is comb filtering altering the response.

For most it is a case of practicality, in mastering it’s easier though as you tend not to have as much kit.
My analogue rack sits behind me.

I wonder when we hear anything on Nuendo 6… :question: Thought there might by already some speculation thread…

Fredo said summer. Timo just said not within the next few months. I’d guess early fall at the earliest. Which is fairly late I suppose… (compared to Cubase upgrades)…

I´d be happy about fixing “niggles” with a Nuendo 6 update…
There was lot of free stuff lately, I´d be fine with a paid upgrade now… my credit card is waiting to give SB some money! :mrgreen:

So if it´s not within the next few months it will probably be presented on Music China Shanghai ?
Oct. 11 - 14, 2012