Hi All.

Hi everyone! :slight_smile:

How is it here on the new forum?
I had a busy time and it also was a pain to get acces here.
But ready to make music again, anything special going on here?

Greetz Dylan,

Hi and welcome back

nope, seems kinda quiet around… except for the C6 “noise” going around. I also had quite a hassle too until I got online but everythings back to normal for the time being :slight_smile:

happy posting

Welcome Back!

Hope you are well. I am sure you’ve seen by now the sticky regarding Martin Brown, (Leedsquietman) who passed away just before Christmas. That’s really been the biggest non-tech news.


Robin (formerly Heuristic)

Hi Dylan

Well Done on getting through the Process!

Welcome :slight_smile:

Yeah. Like Robin says. martin :frowning:

Yeah, Martin, that came as a shock, I wasn’t aware he had health problems.

Cubase 6 aye, First versio that doesn’t include real cherry’s for me, plus I am on XP,
So I am afraid I have to shell out 349 for W7 and the upgrade.
What to do what to do.

heeeey! welcome back, Sir Dylan!

Be prepared with some reading up on pre/post before split hits you … :laughing:

Yeah, Split… is he still post Cubase5 :mrgreen:

Yeah… you made it!!!

That would be Pre C5 and when I save my shekels post C5, thus skipping C5 altogether :mrgreen:

What was that saying you had, pre before pre before…


was that Ironic :confused:

Irony offcourse… :blush: …No really!
But seriously, 6 still doesn’t cut it for you?

No no C6 is a major step forwards for me, C5 didn’t really offer me much so I didn’t bother with it.
Although I’ll have to go the W7 route as I’m still on XP :cry:

Hey Dylan,

Great to see you made it in here!.. and glad to hear you are ready to make music again! :slight_smile:


Glad to see you hear Dylan!

Greetings Dylan. Glad to see you made it. I joined the last forum late (under the name Hurican)… so new forum new virtual realm, same old eccentric and distracted mind. :wink:

I was going to be a hanger-onner to Cubase 5(.x) but as some of my web clients are starting to come out of the woodwork, my ears are starting to twitch for gear again. (Funny how I think of that before bills and any other expenses) :laughing:

I want to also mention that losing LQM was a bad shock for me. I didn’t think that a forum member, who I’d never met, could wrench my soul like that. But he was always willing to help me, even though I was barely beyond the basics of engineering. I am hoping that somewhere in that next stage of our journey, there are still ways to make music… in fact, I’ll dedicate a thread in memorial to him for this.

Hi Dylan,

Welcome back!
Good to see a fellow countryman! :smiley:


I never saw your website? Is that new or didn’t you show that on the old forum, or did I live under a rock (very possible)

Anyway, glad to see you here also, I was a bit confused because of your new nick, hence this delayed answer. :blush:

Yes, and we definately pick up some things with music Sav.
Rightnow I am in the middle of a revalidation program that will keep me busy for three months, help me get back on my feet. So studio and my current project are on hold.
But it could well be that next week I dive in a 100 procent, I just have to take it as it comes.

I’ve had the site up since October, but the music demos I did not mention until the new forum started on December 15… No worries, there room under the rock for all of us! We all find ourselves there from time to time! :laughing: Is that why we say “Rock On”??? :wink: :mrgreen:

Is this related to your health sitaution? Not sure of your wording here…

Yes, it’s a special program for cancerpatients in remissions, I had three years of treatment, and now suffer a lot from exhaustion but also have some mental problems.