Hi, and please help

Hi all,

Ive recently purchased a firestudio 2626 that has come with cubase LE.

I havent used recording software for a couple of years now but prior to that i have been familiar with various recording software packages, and im pretty sure the last version of cubase i used was this very version.

Finding my way around it certainly hasnt been any problem, the problem im having is getting audio. I cant monitor or playback.

Ive read through the cubase manuals numerous times and also watched the 2 hour tutorial that comes with the presonus interface and it doesnt really tell me anything i didnt already know to be honest and i cant see that im doing anything wrong.

When i do get audio it seems to be random and only from Output 4

So basically I just wondered if someone could tell me whether im missing something stupid or if you think i have a genuine problem. I suspect its probably the former :slight_smile:

Many thanks in advance


I dont know if this will help or not but…

I have a Zoom r24. After installing the device, I had to set it up to work with Cubase and learned from trial and error- If you have already checked all this, then sorry I could not help.

Under the Devices menu:
Device Setup, choose the device software driver- In my case, the Zoom R16/R24 driver. (device settings 1.JPG)
Close device setup, then choose VST Connections INPUT TAB and select your driver. In my case, having 8 active input channels ( as does yours ) I had to create mono channel 1 through 8. Then on the OUTPUT TAB chose your driver again for output. (Device Settup 2.jpg)

When the device is hooked up and Cubase is running ( and in that order ) it should work for you. Here are a couple screen shots from my system.

Hopefully it helps!

BTW- I have found that when I accidentally load Cubase BEFORE the recorer is pluged in and ready, I loose my settings and have to rebuild. There is a small box above the device input section of the VST Connections called Presets. To the Right of that is a + symbol where you can save your settings and not have to manually load them again. I called mine “Default”.
Device Settings 2.JPG
Device Settings 1.JPG

“Hi, and please help”

Please: Is it possible to make a better subject?

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