Hi! and undo past save option


I just bought Wavelab 7. I do lots of works for console games, and optimizing the size and the frequency of each sample is crucial in most cases due to memory restrictions. I have to save very often with slight changes to test the sound on the machine. Unfortunately I noticed that once the audio file is saved the UNDO history is cleared, which is a huge drawback for the work I’m doing. Is there any way to avoid this? maybe there is an option somewhere but I haven’t found it.

I think the UNDO history should be untouched until you close the file. Soundforge works that way.


Sorry, this is not possible for the wave editor (but it is, for montage editing).


Thanks for the answer. This is hugely unexpected… May I ask for a “don’t clear undo after saving” option for a future update? I really need that option.


I take note.

Yes, I’d like that very much too! Please make it so so that the save option is blanked out when returning to the state of the last save again (like many other programs do).

Luck, Arjan

Thank you very much, Philippe.

It’s the biggest single feature that I miss from using sound forge.

I have a good habit of saving often, this is of course really bad news when you didn’t mean to and can’t undo and operation.


Well, you can imagine how is it when you have for example 100 game sound effects (or instrument loops) loaded into Wavelab, then you start reducing and filtering a bit from here and there, trying to fit all the samples in a given memory size without losing too much quality. Then you compress the samples, compile the game, hear the results…

All of this is much faster if you don’t have to keep a real-time backup of each sound manually during the process. It’s easier to press Control+Z if a change in a concrete sample didn’t go well.