Hi everyone. Been away for a while

Im updating to 5 as soon as I’m settled in back home after two plus months in hospitals ( lower hip replacement on Memorial Day after a fall that broke my hip, then transferred to acute rehab, then transferred again to a stepdown rehab hospital). What a summer… Finally going home on August 5th in a wheelchair and walker. Physical and Occupational therapy will be ongoing at home and outpatient.

I have BBC Core and Kontakt but honestly I never really got started with it all and now am faced with scrambling
as my daughter has asked me to do an orchestra arrangement for her processional down the aisle and I desperately do not want to disappoint her.

Any help in getting going with a literal crash course would be so very much appreciated as I just want my daughter to be happy with a render that her Dj can play. All I care about is getting a beautiful mix/render. I can focus on the score appearance after the fact.

Thank you all and God bless you.


Welcome back to the forum, Chuck, and I’m sorry to hear of your health problems. I hope you’ll make as good a recovery as possible as quickly as possible.

If you’ve already got BBSO Core and Dorico, then I would say the missing ingredient to be able to get a good-sounding render with the least effort would be to add NotePerformer 4 to the mix. It has a new feature called NotePerformer Playback Engines that allows you to integrate higher-quality sounds like BBCSO but not have to worry about any of the technical details of how to get it sounding better than Dorico’s default playback.


Hi Daniel,

Thanks so much for this information as I had no idea NotePerformer 4 had even been released.

This could very well save me! When I get home I’ll purchase the Dorico 5 update and then install the trial of NP.

My daughter’s wedding is September 29 in Chicago. I return home on August 5.

Thank you so much. Daniel

Hi Daniel,

Thank you again for your advice. I’m very pleased to report that the Dorico 5 update, NotePerformer 4 and the Advanced Playback Engine for BBC Core worked perfectly! My daughter is very happy with the finished song! ( and the score looks great-nothing to clean up ).