Hi, everyone! Newbie here!

Hi there,

Please check below for my music that did for a friend of mine for her hoop playing.


By the way, hope to find people to make some music together here or write some vocal lines for me to do the arrangement and mixing. Cheers!

Hi there,
Went listening to your creation…cool !..loved the sound…especially piano sounds great !
Well indeed, vocals shure would create that extra dimention…nice vocals are the best instrument.
I’m try also to be a composer/writer…melody lines and lyrics…maybe i can help / but i write in French…so ??
Nature didn’t give me good vocals thow…haha.

Well…like your style…/ making music together…/ Don’t know if can provide what you looking for …
Always in for a chat
Anyway…wish you the best

lets discuss more on that.