Hi friends. What do I google in linked in or other job sites to work with Spectralayers

I’ve been using it for a couple years now and am interested in trying to see if my work I’ve done would work as a resume. I just dont have any idea where to look or what to say.

Right now I’m cleaning my vocals for me, but I also on a daily basis go over recordings I make for surveillance of my apartment from when I leave to go to the store.

I was just zipping through the functions so well I thought I’d ask.

Thank guys.

That’s a interesting question, to be honest with you the key is value and bringing value to people.

I thought because I was able to do what algorithms couldn’t (at least on a automated one knob level) that I would’ve gotten those jobs but strangely I’ve gotten offers to do something else. For example I thought I would’ve been able to do unmixings(unmixing atmospheric pads from arps sounds, or unmixing 5 vocalists) for big projects but I’ve gotten fairly simple offers of audio restorations. I believe people saw my work and they saw the value in it and that is why I was offered those jobs.

I cant say too much, but 99.999999% of the jobs I have been offered so far I had to turn down. (Again) I can’t say too much but there is a reddit community called “Oovveerrhheeaarrddsseexx” and strangely enough I’ve gotten a lot of job offers to clean up audio and bring background audio to the front. Even though I was offered a lot of money, I had to turn it down and silently reject those offers because there is some serious ETHICAL/MORAL issues with doing something like that (in-regards to intimacy and invasion of privacy).

The point I’m trying to make is that it wasn’t about my “skillset” or what I was able to do. It was about value. People had a need(cleaning up audio) and understood that I was able to fulfill that need and that is what has gotten me those job offers.

Certainly no thank on the sexy time stuff. I personally like the idea of maybe like podcast audio editing. I just dont know what words to use in a search. Audio editor? Static remover? Podcast audio editor? No clue.

In the mean time I’ll be have a good old time!