Hi Guys! Please help me if you can.. Some questions :)

Hi dear Steinberg Community, 2 months ago i did buy a first my cubase - this is a 9.5 PRO Version and im really happy!!!
Just need to understand some moments… i cant find how to change it at preference. Hope you can help me :slight_smile:

  1. First question is very important… how can I make the MASTER bus always be on the right in the mixer, even if the project has many channels and I do not have to rewind the slider constantly to the right (the screenshot attached)

Thank you very much dear community!

Hi and welcome,

Display the left zone of the MixConsole, and open the Zones tab there. Then enable the right zone of the Stereo Out Channel.

Yeah in the left mixer zone… There’s a tab that has an ability to make visible and another tab to lock tracks to the left or right of the mixer. clicking a little round dot to either the left or the right. Ideally, both those tabs could be 1 tab but they haven’t thought that much into it.

Yea!! Working! Thank you very much dear friends!