Hi Hat behavior

In using keyboards as well as percussion midi controllers I have noticed that the hi hat “open” sound persists along with the “closed” sound. Have I missed something or has this been overlooked in the drum kits. This gesture is extremely important in creating authentic-sounding drum sequences.

I am basically having the same issue, I’m using v drums as a midi controller and the open hi hat sustains, there is no choke when closing the hi hat. Many apps have choke groups, I don’t find any resolution for this in music studio. I think the expectation from the developer is to utilize the release slider and shorten the release of the open hi hat? It’s unauthentic and also terrible if you’re using midi for drums. I’m struggling to find an app that can do all things, it’s frustrating . I love the music studio app but this lack of choke on the open hi hat is super disappointing

Yeah. This relegates Music Studio to the “not so serious” or “not for professional use” category. This can actually be programed into the patch for .sf2 type soundfonts so the omission in the Music Studio format or implementation is troubling.

Gmocrick: BTW if Vdrums allow you to layer sounds it might be possible for you to send a “HH Foot Velocity 0 note on”. I am working on that solution.

Hi there!. Same issue here

I purchased the app ONLY for this purpose, to prevent having to record to my laptop.

A message for developers: Is it possible to enable the “CC4 Foot” controller recording for future updates of this app???. I think THAT is the root of this problem.


Thanks for your feedback, we’ll consider this feature for a future update. Technically, you are talking about “mute groups”, where a certain set of keys exclude each other.

CC4 is unrelated, because recording on the internal keyboard wouldn’t trigger CC4 messages.