Hi-hat; Distribute one incoming note to other notes depending on CC values?

So I have Vdrums (TD15) and I’m trying to may the Hi-hat to play GrooveAgent kits.

Some, like ‘feel how sweet it is’ have up to 5 individual pads for the ‘shank open’ sound alone, each pad containing about 5 samples to give different velocities at that particular level of ‘Open’. The key thing here is that you can play loud or soft at the one Hi-hat pedal position, right? If you move the HH pedal then you’re then wanting to trigger a *different collection of samples that correspond to that new level of open.

So the TD 15 outputs two MIDI notes, one for 'Open" another for ‘Closed’, and it usesw CC4 (foot) to denote how open the HH is.

I’ve been trying to use the transformer, but I can’t see how to get it to look at incoming events of type NOTE, and redistrubute those notes to different new note events, based on the value of CC4.

I can transform the note events fine, but I can’t get it to look at the CC4 events to determine which notes.

Does anyone know how this works, or if it’s even possible?

Many Thanks


I dont think it can be done with midi plugins. All the events are midi and I dont think there is any state variable that you can use for this things. However, there is state with automation, so one idea is to have it on two tracks, both with volume mapped to the CC4, but with with inverted handling. It for sure wont be perfect since there is no way to get the “right” start value.