Hi Hat with Note Performer

This has been discussed several times, but I just cannot wrap my brain around it. No matter what I try, I cannot get anything out that sounds like a hi hat.

I’ve tried looking into the percussion maps - I open up NP Orchestral Percussion and I see that Open Hi Hat is midi note 46 - which corresponds to A#-2. But when I tried entering notes and pressing A#-2, nothing happens.

In entry mode I can simply click the mouse and a note appears - but everything I try sounds like a soft snare drum.

Can someone please help this bear of little brain.
Hi Hat.dorico.zip (404 KB)

Are you using one of the pre-defined Drum Kits and the NotePerformer playback Template?

I suggest you do Play > Playback Template and re-choose NotePerformer from the list, then click OK. That should reset everything and restore the expected hi-hat sounds.

Derek - I’m just selecting Hi Hat & Hi Hat (pedal) as solo players.
Daniel - That was the first thing I tried, but no luck.

You can experiment with the attached file which demonstrates the problem.

No file attached…

Attached w OP

You shouldn’t be trying to input the pitch defined in the percussion map. Just use Y to input the default pitch.

Daniel - A very belated thank you. I believe my issue is with the Note Performer sounds themselves. I can get a decent open Hi Hat sound with Open playing technique but the closed Hi Hat does not sound like any Hi Hat I’ve ever used - it sounds more like a Snare.