Hi midi issue on cubase 5\7

Helllo everyone
ill try my best with my english:)
im a keyboard player and im trying to use cubase as a live module (so i can play drums from helion , chords from nexus , bass from trillian and so on) and all plays at the same time
my arranger is ketron sd1
i send midi ch1 from my keyboard to a midi track on cubase (lets say drums vst)
and same with midi ch2(bass) ,3 (guitar) ect…
the problem is i only get “all midi inputs” on the cubase midi track
so when i monitor all tracks together cubase ch1 plays all the midi tracks
same with ch2 , there is no seperation.
i use cubase 5 with rme babyface
ketron sd1 arranger with standart midi cable

hope u get me
thanks :slight_smile:

Check out Input Transformer on your Cubase manual.

Or watch this video:



Would you like to help me with KetronSD1 +Cubase 5.
Thanks a lot

I’m using Nuendo 6.5/Cubase 8, so I hope that the subsequent still applies to Cubase 5

As I understand your first post, you are recording multiple midi channels from your Ketron to Cubase,
and you want to reassign these channels to other outputs like helion, trillian etc.

Firstly, the Midi Interface on your computer…what is it? Some midi devices have only 1 input/output, some have more. How many has your interface…each of these I/O sets will appear as a Midi Device in the Midi port Setup page.

Let’s assume for now you have 1 Midi I/O Port, and you have the ketron Midi I/O connected to it.
Go to Devices/Device Setup/Midi Port Setup] in the “Show as” column of your Ketron Port, Type in “Ketron Midi In”, and “Ketron Midi Out”. This is not essential, but will help you later see the flowpath

Set up a Midi Track in Cubase…this will receive the midi output from the Ketron device.

Under “All Midi Inputs” in the Track Inspector, you should now see an entry for the Ketron device that you named above. If you select the Ketron Device, the track will only receive midi from that specific device…
The track will still receive midi input from all 16 channels!!

If you now put Cubase in record, and play out the song from the Ketron, Cubase will record all the midi data from the Ketron.
Be aware:::
1 There [so far] is no timing relationship between Cubase and the Ketron…the bars in Cubase do not relate to the bars in the host machine.

2 If there is a lot of data being transmitted from the source, [particularly controller/pitch bend data] then there could well be issues as to where the notes “end up” in Cubase.

Assuming that everything transferred reasonably ok, all your source midi data for the performance should now be in
the Cubase midi part which you recorded. If you open the list editor, you should see a list of the events in the part. They will be categorised by Event type, event channel, position, length etc.

I think this is far enough for your first “lesson”…let me know how you get on!