Hi - Not getting the download link E_mail for Halion 3

Dear Anyone.
If I’m wrong in anything I say here, I’m not trying to get a freebie, I’ve misunderstood something. I read that Halion 3 was free and 32-bit. Came over to Steinberg, filled in all my details and got told to look in my IN-box or junk mail folder. I’ve got Hotmail and I looked in both, waited a coupla days, looked in both and the E_mail never showed.

So I tried a resend and it’s still not showed. Please, why is that? Is it because I’ve got Hotmail? Or - more probably, is it ‘Dork User doing Something Dumbass’ syndrome? If the latter, can you tell me what?

BTW - it IS 32-bit compatible, no? (Older DAW here.)

Yours feeling-stoopidly,


Note that it’s Halion Sonic SE 3 that’s available for free, you can download it from here:

I doesn’t have a 32-bit version. Halion 3 is an entirely different (paid) plugin that was released back in 2005.

According to an older topic of yours, you already have a Halion Sonic SE 3 license. Maybe you already got the email but forgot about it? You can just download the plugin using the Steinberg Download Assistant.