Hi-res Apple Lossless files from HDTracks loads as zero-length

Apple Lossless (ALAC) 2496 files purchased and downloaded from HDTracks do not open properly. Even tho the wave preview shows in the WaveLab file browser, upon opening the file there’s nothing there. No error or warning, either.

I am able to load other ALAC files, e.g., ripped from CDs, just fine.

What gives? Licensing issue? Codec issue?

And yes, iTunes imports and plays these 2496 ALAC files just fine, as does VLC; it’s just WaveLab.

Mac OS Mojave 10.14.6 and WaveLab 10.0.40, fwiw


– jdm

Maybe WL doesn’t support Apple Lossless? https://steinberg.help/wavelab_pro/v10/en/wavelab/topics/audio_files_editing/supported_file_formats_c.html

a) WL can properly loads other Apple Lossless .m4a files, e.g., ripped from CDs by iTunes
b) WL shows the wave preview in its file browser, so clearly can parse even the 2496 Apple Lossless .m4a files
c) No error message, no warning, just bupkis.

– jdm

Maybe these files are copy protected. That would make sense, given the site where you get them from.
On Wikipedia, it is said:

ALAC also does not use any DRM scheme; but by the nature of the MP4 container, it is feasible that DRM could be applied to ALAC much in the same way it is applied to files in other QuickTime containers

i asked and they said no, there’s no DRM in their ALAC files and theyre not aware of any other probs like this. Clearly seems a WL issue. VLC also opens and plays them just fine.

Hdtracks provides several sample songs. I have downloaded all of them (16 songs), most of all 2496, some 2444 or 2488…, and I can open and play them all with success, both on Mac and Windows, with WaveLab 10.0.40

Therefore, I am wondering what your problem can be…

…or their free samples have no copy protection, unlike what they say.

I’ll try the sample songs, too…