Hi, UR824 input output latency reported in Cubase at 64/128 buffer? Also Ryzen?

Hi, PLEASE, both OSX and Windows users… if you could kindly report the 44.1 k latency figures Cubase shows when you choose 64 and 128 buffer in audio devices. I still haven’t decided whether my next, much needed machine will be a windows beast or a more expensive less powerful mac.

Also, any RYZEN users using the UR824 without issues, would be great to hear from you too.

I have spent hours searching for this info and nothing on the web… I searched with “UR824 latency”

searched every video i could find, and even the 20 minute videos, did not show at any point what the latency was… SO frustrating…

I just want to know if it will be low enough to play my VI’s, where really only the output latency matters.

I will be using the DSP for all my external monitoring so there will be no issues there.

Apollo thundebolt is insanely low output latency at 128 buffer, ~3 milliseconds, so even at 128, where performance is great, vsti latency feels instantaneous.
But I am tired of console, and want 24 ins on one inteface… as well as tight Cubase integration.

Plus, i want to sell my 2 apollos and 2 of my satellites so I can get some money to invest into a new computer, therefore not having to use my CC at all…I am just going to keep one satellite octo.

Since i am moving to Cubase full time from pro tools, the idea that there is hardware out there that integrates with Cubase as well as HD does on Pro tools, is really exciting to me…

I just want a turnkey solution :slight_smile: Very happy with the FX quality from what I found on the web… for monitoring, they are more than adequate. :slight_smile:

Also, maybe a stupid question… but… say… I have a midi synth plugged into the UR824, and i have a UR824 EQ on it, and I am happy with the sound and don’t feel it needs any further processing.
Can i bounce it within cubase into the final project, without recording it to audio?

With apollo right now, so i can work in the one interface, i record all my external midi to audio. But i’d love to be able to work in the midi domain up until mix down!. Most synths have enough quality FX that i don’t need to use VST’s on them at all! Just a touch of EQ or compression usually does the trick!

hi, surely there is a UR824 user who can take 5 minutes of their time to tell me the figures that cubase is reporting? I am willing to pay for your time, 5 minutes of your normal hourly rate, as it will save me money if the UR824 latency figures are not good enough for me. It really is as simple as loading cubase, which UR824 owners do every single day, and simply looking at the number reported in preferences.

I will beg if i have to.

128 is 7.1ms 64 is 4.6ms input latency. I have no issues with playing VST’s at 64 buffer. make sure you hit the constrain delay compensation window though if you have any latent plugins in your project or yo will get the additional latency of them too. I’ve never had anyone in my studio who’s played a VI and had any complaints and I only use top session players. The UR is bullet proof. I wouldn’t have believed I could run my studio on a USB 2 interface but I’ve been doing so now for a long time.


Hi thanks… I am not worried about input latency at all as I will be using the dsp mixer for monitoring, i am worried about output latency, which is the figure that matters when playing VSTi’s.

If 128 is also 7.1 output, that’s acceptable. Apollo is 3.2 at 128 but it’s thunderbolt.

Thanks anyway :slight_smile: