I have a question regarding the HI-Z switch. Apparently this is ONLY for the first input. That’s what it says on the unit anyway. Does this not apply for the rest of the inputs then? And if I’m running balanced and unbalanced on the same unit, where should this switch be at then?

Thanks for any input here!


turn to Hi-Z when connecting guitar/Bass directly to input channel 1.
it changes the impedance to work better with instrument like electric guitar/Bass

So the HI-Z ONLY applies for input#1 then? With synthesizers and effects, this should NOT be switched on then?


Yes, the HI Z is for directly connecting the cable from your guitar or bass to the unit and its ONLY on channel 1.

Correct, you DO NOT want this turned on when using synths and effects.

Think Guitars/Bass when you see Hi Z and your good.