Hi, anybody here yet?

Welcome 1st visitor! :slight_smile:

First time I’ve been first at anything!

Seems to be working then. Good stuff! :smiley:

Nooooooooooooooo! Too late! :open_mouth: :cry:
The forum was empty when I entered but I had to register my name so MarkE sneaked in!!!
Oh, well, congratulations! :laughing:

Hello and welcome :slight_smile:

Send this one from my HTC HD7

Howdy :wave:

Jings… This is strange

Thanks and sorry, I wasn’t even trying, just refreshed the old one, noticed it the nobody in message, went to mysteinberg and logged in.

Didn’t mean it, honest guv! :open_mouth:

Naw, no worries! :laughing: And even if you FELL in through the door, you were first so, that’s cool! Especially if you’re not first on a daily basis. :sunglasses:

it works :wink:

No hidden commercials please. Your phone is as good as all the others out there.

This message was brought to you by Windows 7.

Waving around with a big grin on my face

WELL DONE on setting this up.


Hello all!

I like the new look, the font is a bit funky!


Robin :mrgreen:

This place looks really nice :smiley:
Nice job Hamburg team.


Somebody stole my cheese…

LMAO! Ahh, so funny, Robin!