Hiccup sound Dorico 4.3 Pro

After entering notes, the sound hiccups on playback. Sometimes this happens spontaneously on (long) playback.
My details:
Speakers: High Definition Audio Device
Driver: 10.0.19041.264
Generic Low Latency Asio Driver
Allow Asio host application to take exclusive control
Sample rate: 48.000
Selected Buffer Size: 100 ms.
By the way: what is the most efficient buffer size? (10 to 100 ms)
How can I fix this?

The first thing to try would be to increase the buffer size a little, and see if that helps to resolve the problem.

Unfortunately, Daniel does not know that 100ms is already the max limit, so you cannot go higher with the GLLD.
So since you are already at the maximum buffer size and in exclusive mode, there is nothing more you can do from the GLLD side to improve the situation.
On the other hand, we never claimed our GLLD driver to be the best generic ASIO driver and you might want to try out ASIO4All or FlexASIO. They are both free for download, a Google search finds them immediately.

Regarding the buffer size, there is no general rule of thumb because it depends on your requirements. If you want to play live VSTinstrument via MIDI keyboard then you will want to have low latency, i.e. small buffer sizes, but that on the other hand puts more stress on your system, i.e. higher CPU load and higher chances for drop outs. Large buffers mean less stress to the CPU and less chances for drop outs, but at the same time bigger latencies, which is not good for live performance. So you see, you have to balance out those 2 competing requirements to your own liking.

If also ASIO4All or FlexASIO do not bring the wanted result, you would need to see how other programs might impact on the audio driver. E.g. wireless network adapter drivers are often the cause for such impacts.
Do also a websearch for LatencyMonitor, a free utility program that analyzes your computer and judges if it is capable for producing seamless audio streams.
Please report back on your findings.

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Hi Ulf,
LatencyMon reported some problems. A calculation program (BOINC) was running in the background. I stopped this. I also installed Asio4all, and the problem seems to be solved. Thanks for this solution!

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