Hiccups Importing Cubase LE files into Cubase Elements 7

I am revisiting some old projects from 2007 that were created with Cubase LE. They seem to open OK but I get the following alarming message.
It seems a bit naff that it isn’t entirely backwards compatible. Is there a way to get the project back exactly as I archived it?
Thank you.


Of course you need to have all Plugins installed, that were used, when the project was created.

Thank you. How do I get Elements 7 to install them? Is there other stuff I need to self assemble or grease before using? The old LE came ready assembled as far as I recall.

I’m pretty sure Pantheon was a reverb facility. I can’t remember what lm-7 was for. Any help please - it’s a long time ago and I haven’t used cubase in ages. Thank you.

“Pantheon” was a lexicon Reverb bundled with Lexicon hardware
“LM -7” is a Steinberg Drum machine and should be available from the Steinberg ftp server, or download page.
“Distortion” - don´t know, could be anything.

Thank you. Ah this is all ringing a bell now and I think I had this sort of conversation before with someone else. So apologies if that was here.
My old LE software was indeed bundled with the Lexicon Omega 4 channel DAW. I am intending to use it to record new tracks but using Elements 7.
The reverb is the important one as that comes up as [!!! Pantheon !!!] on the track inserts. It would be nice to keep that the same because otherwise the edited track will be out of keeping with the vein of the rest of the CD. My version of LE is still licensed to me but it needed to run on XP and my new laptop was 8.1 (also the CDrom may have been affected by bad storage). So morally I still have the right to use the pantheon I guess. Is there a way to get it back like from the old rescued hard drive or the disc if that works or from Steinberg as I am already licensed to use it? I have now sussed the reverbs available in elements 7 and added those but it’s going to take a while with trial and error to get the same spatial. Is the pantheon excluded from this list because it’s considered to be naff by current standards or is it too cool for them to include in the base version these days?

The project only has vocal 1 mic, acoustic guitar 1 mic and acoustic guitar 1 [under bridge] DI. I see now that the lm-7 is to do with an empty unused track from the new project default, empty of wav but not deleted before archiving and so is not important.

Thank you

The Pantheon is not a Steinberg product, but Lexicon so if at all you need to contact them.

It is included in the list, because it is not installed, or installed but in a different folder, so Cubase can´t find it. It is not Steinberg who include this, it is an independent product / installation you got from Lexicon

svvennilenni :slight_smile:
Thank you for your thorough replies and for your patience with my absence of mind. That clears it up nicely. I would like to take this opportunity to offer a huge public apology to Steinberg for suggesting that the problem might be due to them. I take full responsibility for the problem I have encountered.
With Grace. X