Hiccups managing multiple windows

I have found that, while the overall performance after the 1.0.10 update has been REALLY greatly increased, I am experiencing FOC (fear of crash) whenever I have two projects (I don’t dare more) open, for example for copying and pasting. Switching between the two projects regularly puts Dorico into “crash-preparation-mode” and spinning-beach-ball-of-doom-ville. It normally recovers just fine, but there are occasions where it doesn’t. Especially if one dares to drag windows around while switching projects. These problems are especially obvious when the two projects actually reside in each their own window, as opposed to MacOS’s tabbed window feature.
Once or twice, I somehow managed ending up with one window with the titlebar permanently invisible due to the window being pushed too far up on the screen. I could never ever move that window again, and closing was only possible by closing the program.
When the two projects are two tabs of the same window, switching between them still induces beach-balls and a feeling of “will it work this time??” , but rarely if ever is it cause to crash Dorico.

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This will be made better when we fully implement the notion of activating a specific project, so that when you switch between windows, Dorico doesn’t immediately unload all of the sounds that were currently loaded in HALion in order to load the sounds required by the newly-activated project. The idea is that, like Cubase, you should have control over which project is activated for playback. Hopefully we’ll get to this soon.

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+1 this.
I’ve just experienced a crash after switching between two different open projects(on windows), and searched the forum to find this thread.

You should do Help > Create Diagnostic Report and attach the resulting zip file here so we can take a look at the crash dumps and see what happened.