Hid Barlines

Again a question about barlines

Is ther a way to make barlines invisible ?

Can I hide also the barline before a timesignature change?



The commonly-used workaround for “hiding” barlines is to set Engraving Options > Barlines > Dash length for dashed barlines to 0, then input dashed barlines where you want hidden barlines. This doesn’t work if you need actual dashed barlines within the project.

The alternative is to use time signatures with long pickup bars. For instance, if you input a time signature of 4/4,16 you’ll get a bar that says that it’s 4/4 but is actually 16 quarter/crotchet beats long.

Thank’s a lot

I can use dashed Barlines.
One more question about note spacing.
In my score where I have independed time signature on one staff, and on a other staff a “normal time signature”
but the note spacing looks not like I want.
Is this be done in Engrave modus and changing there the note spacing or is there another way to do this

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Please upload a project or at least a picture, and explain what you want. This is too hard to solve (definitevely) via text alone.

As you can see the 5/8 looks strange and some barlines are not at the end of the staff

How can I change this

Aleotoric music of this kind isn’t really supported natively yet, so if you want to make things line up the easiest way is to use hidden tuplets (or even nested tuplets).

Ok I see

Sound more logical and less work

Many thank’s to you