Hidden Chord Symbols Breaking Multi-bar Rests

I have project with bass and piano that has chord symbols every bar. The bass part doesn’t start until bar 21. In the bass part, I would expect to see a multi-bar rest lasting 20 bars, and then the part starting on bar 21. Instead I have 20 bars of rest with the chords showing. I selected all the chords and changed them to hidden, but that still leaves me with 20 bars of rest fully written out. How to I get this to appear as a multi-bar rest without deleting the chord symbols (they are needed for the piano part)?

This is not normal behaviour. I would expect this:

Have you double-checked that your Layout Options definitely look like this, for the Bass part?

Yep, I have. I just created a new project and I’m getting this:

If you delete those chord symbols, do you actually get a multirest? Just so we can be sure that it’s definitely the chord symbols that are causing the problem…

Yes, I do get a multirest after deleting the chord symbols.

Check this setting:

Obviously you can set it to whatever you like in your score layout, but in your part layout you need to set it to this, NOT to “Above top staff of system”.

That fixed it, thank you!

I realize this post is a bit old, but I am having the same issue. In my layout options under my keyboard part, I have selected to consolidate “Multi-bar Rests” and under chord symbols I have selected to show chord symbols "Above specific player’s staves. I would appreciate any help!

Disregard! After I changed the Rastral size, and deleted all stave breaks, it “refreshed” and turned into a multimeasure rest