Hidden dynamics and print dynamics both showing in Parts

I have many instances of hiding a dynamic (Hide intensity marking) that is used for playback purposes. I then place another dynamic in the same spot but employ “Suppress Playback.” When printing parts, the greyed out hidden dynamic appears above the print dynamic. I can delete each " greyed out hidden" one with the mouse but there has to be a better way ( I hope). I want only the dynamic used by a performer to be seen and printed in the parts.
Kent D

Hide intensity marking is a local property, so it only applies to the layout in which you set it, unless you set Set local properties to Globally on the Properties panel toolbar before you set it. If you have already set the property in the full score layout and want to transfer that setting to the part layout(s), you can use the Propagate Properties command to do this.


Hey Daniel,
Thanks for the quick reply. I tried that but I think I did not fully understand the Propagate Properties .More importantly, I now see that BEFORE I enter a dynamic I must select Globally. That works great. Problem solved
As usual I will save this email. (would also love to see “Hide Intensity Marking” available as a Key Command like Suppress Playback is)
Thanks again. Your explanation nailed it.