Hidden features in Cubase 13

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I thought we could create a “Hidden features in Cubase 13” topic for things we run into that actually makes a difference, and if it’s not completely new like v13 doesn’t matter too much?

Here is my first little find:

I just stumlbed on something pretty useful. The Key Commands Editor is now floating so you can use it on the fly. I didn’t remember some command including “follows” in the name, (“cycle follows range selection”), so I started typing and the list of commands started to contract and all there was left when I came to “foll …” was Key Commands which included those letters. As the editor is floating I could try not only the one I was searching for but also check some others out while I was in that “follow” mindset. And lets face it there are a few Key Commands to keep track of in Cubase so I was kind of happy to run into this one.

Anyone else?

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hi there!
Not sure what that is supposed to be but at least it didn’t take the full coffee break to read? :smiley:
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Aaaah, there are links there today! :smiley:

I really like how the chord track shows colours for next note. Also, midi device now fixes the midi channel for external gear which is nice since I can never remember which channel I’m supposed to be on.

My fav is the multi-part editing, that is so much easier to work with.

A very useful feature which went out of my radar, until now, after a [right-click] on one or several selected audio events/MIDI parts :

It allow us to rename instantly them all and nothing prevents us to rename all the events on a given track with Shift + A .

A godsend, as AFAIK, it was impossible to get rid of the track name, until now, unless unticking the Preferences > Event Display > Show Event Names option…