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I upgraded to Cubase 8.5
And when I click Edit Channel Settings. It will bring up the Edit Channel Settings Window.

Now say I do this for Track 1. And I want to EQ Track 1. I use to be able to Click Track 2. And the Edit Channel Settings would Switch to that Track.

Now in 8.5 It will hide the Edit Channel Settings behind the Main Session Window.
Is there a “Always On Top” Feature that will not hide my Edit Channel Settings in the background whenever I click on another Channel

if you are in the main Project window you can open the Edit Channel settings from any track and the just click another track in the Track List and the Edit Channel popup window will display the settings for the newly selected track.
You do not have to re-click the “e” on another track if the Edit Channel popup window is already open.

Thats the thing, it is making me have to re-click the “e”
It hides the edit channel setting behind the Main Window when I click on another track

Are you running Windows 10?


Odd behavior there for sure!
Works as expected on my setup.

Maybe check your Edit Channel Settings window settings (see image attachment)
by clicking the drop down arrow on the windows menu bar.
edit channel settings window ex.png

spoke too soon!
When I deselected the “follow ‘e’ button or selections changes” drop menu item, then closed the edit channel window, then re-opened and re-selected the “follow ‘e’ button or selections changes” drop menu item…
it STOPPED following the changes and exhibited the behavior you’ve described.

I would have to ALT-TAB to bring the channel settings window back to focus and clicking any blank space on the Track in Track List would hide the channel settings behind the Project Window again.

very strange!

This probably deserves a posting in the ISSUES forum!


I believe found the solution.

RIGHT CLICK on any blank space of the Channel Settings menu bar
(try just to right of the drop down arrow)
Always On Top will popup
Select it (it will get a checkmark)

Edit Channel Settings window should remain Always on Top !

That did the trick! Thank you!

Now does anyone know how I can restore my MIDI Logical Editor Presets
Example: Random Velocity -60 to -100

Also, do I have to keep my Cubase 8 still if I have 8.5 Installed (Why didn’t they just make it overwrite the original)