Hidden noteheads and articulations


I created my hidden noteheads, and am using them for passages like repeated notes.

Alas, duration dots and slurs ignore the position of the ghost noteheads, and fall down on the stave.

Apart for editing everything in Engrave mode, is there any chance to have this behavior changed in a forthcoming version of Dorico?

In the Notehead Editor there is still a ghost of the missing notehead. So, Dorico still know something of its size.


Dorico hidden noteheads.dorico.zip (332 KB)

In the meantime, you might accomplish the result by turning the alpha-channel (opacity) of the normal noteheads to 0. be aware that you can’t export graphics in black and white with this workaround.

Very interesting, thank you! Since I think in the past I received a hint to use custom noteheads instead, do you find there is an advantage in using the one or the other method to hide noteheads?


I prefer transparent, as long as you remember to print in color. You can select notes easily.

For me, it depends on the context. As you have seen, custom noteheads have their downside. But in other cases, mainly when sketching pitch progression in spoken text, I actually prefer to use the headless note-set. I don’t know why, it just feels “more right” to me. Also, other instrument’s rhythmic grid prevents weird spacing, usually.

While all the solution you kindly gave me can be used in various situations, I find that none of them can solve a consequent issue: hidden notes continue to show ledger lines, instead of being simply empty stems. Not a major issue, but still not exactly what I was after.

In the end, I can accept the result. When writing by hand ledger lines were maybe avoided because the additional, not useful work to do to draw them. With computers, they can be there, and maybe they look even better.



If you want to hide the ledger lines, you can: there is a separate property for this.

Daniel, very true, in Engrave mode. I had missed it.