Hidden Parameter Objects so not on default GUI

Is there a way to create Parameter object so that it is hidden from the default host plugin-GUI, but otherwise operates normally (automation, presets, custom GUI, etc…)? I couldn’t find any attribute that would mark the object as hidden or invisible from the default GUI, but was wondering if there was any other way. If this is not possible, please also let me know.

All the best,

Hi Will,
this is not possible.
What’s the use case to have parameters which can be automated but not shown in the GUI ?


Thanks for confirming this Arne - this is what I thought.

The request was from a SW user who doesn’t like to see my vector-joystick X and Y parameters appear as a pair of sliders on the default (host-supplied) GUI. And I replied to him with the same answer that removing the Parameter object instantiations to try to hide them would mess up automation, and presets, and the VST3 GUI which is tightly bound to the parameter objects. In addition the operation of the vector-joystick - think Prophet VS or Korg Wavestation - can only really be useful and appreciated on a Custom GUI with a CXYPad, so the default GUI really doesn’t matter here.

Thanks again,