Hidden playing techniques in condensed scores

If I create a score with two players for the same instrument, e.g. two flutes, with the same musical content they should be shown as a single voice marked a2 in a condensed score.


However I got some problems in some specific situations:

Issue 1
If I add a playing technique to one or both players and hide them (playback only techniques) they are not longer hidden when I go to the condensed score.


Of course I can go to Engrave mode in the condensed score and hide them from there, but it shouldn’t be needed.

Issue 2
In some cases I need to set different hidden playback techniques to the two players in the example above for playback reasons. Because they are hidden the parts looks identical (when printing) and should still be shown as a single voice marked a2, but in the condensed score the two players are separated into two voices in the common staff.


That’s probably because Dorico take the hidden playing techniques into account. I would like Dorico to ignore hidden objects when condensing or that it at least would be possible to choose if they should be ignored.

While working with hidden playing techniques have I come up with a feature requests that would speed up the workflow:

Feature request
It would be nice to be able to set the default visibility in the playing technique editor.

Then one would not need to set every use of a “playback only” technique to hidden manually. For now all playing techniques defaults to visible.

So when I create a new playing technique that is for playback only (and is supposed to be hidden) I would like to be able to set it to hidden by default.

In Engrave mode, you should be able to select the unwanted playing technique that is shown and set its Hidden property so that it is hidden. Some items can have their properties set independently between condensed and uncondensed staves.

Yes, as I already wrote your proposal is a workaround. But it make no sense having to hide the objects two times (both in the uncondenced AND the condenced score). Very time consuming.

If the hidden property isn’t shared between condensed and uncondensed staves that’s the problem.

If I globally hide an object I expect it to be hidden everywhere, including the condensed score. The condensed score should only show what is shown in the uncondenced score, not unhide hidden objects.

It’s not a workaround: it’s simply the work :slight_smile: This is how Dorico is designed to work.