hidden Playing Techniques text re-appears after score condensing


Very eager to use the Dorico 3 ‘condensing’ feature for large orchestral scores I stumbled upon the following. When adding a Playing Technique to a note (Shift P etc…) in Write mode and hiding the corresponding text by means of the ‘Hidden’ button in the Properties Panel, the Playing Technique text disappears, as expected (gets replaced by a signpost). But, when applying ‘Condensing’ to the score, the Playing Techniques text in those staves that effectively get condensed (e.g., Fl.1, Fl.2, …) suddenly re-appears. The only way I found to remove this text in the condensed score was to again apply ‘Hidden’ in the properties panel, but then under Engrave mode.

Could this be a bug or did I completely miss something?


Welcome to the forum, Koen. This isn’t a bug: many of the properties you can set on items can vary when the item is shown on a condensed staff, which means that an existing property value from the non-condensed staff will not be carried through to the condensed staff. In this case it does mean that you have to select the playing technique and activate the ‘Hide’ property on the condensed staff, yes.

Hi Daniel, thanks for your feedback. In fact, my question/comment arose from the fact that, as I use the VSL Symphonic Cube sample library (together with my own Expression Maps, custom Playing Techniques etc… ), I have access to many articulations that generally would not explicitly appear in a score (e.g., VSL fast vs regular legato) but that human performers would automatically play correctly. Since I don’t want to litter the score with this type of articulation information, the ‘Hidden’ feature comes in handy (cfr https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?t=130075); yet having to apply this in the regular as well as in the condensed score and also in the individual parts (?) is cumbersome. Is there any way around this? If not, a button ‘Hidden in all lay-outs’ or so would be great.


There’s no way around it, I’m afraid, except to re-hide those playing techniques in the condensed view, at least for now.

The problem for me is that I can’t select the (hidden but) showing playing technique in the condensed score because it is … condensed. So “re-hide” does not work.

You should find that you can select it in Engrave mode and reapply the ‘Hide’ property.

Sorry, Daniel, no, I can’t! It is as not selectable as the condensed note it is attached to.

You can hide playing techniques, as Daniel said. Don’t try to select the note, select the technique text or symbol.

But you can’t hide articulations. They are properties of notes, not separate objects.

Sorry, did not notice I was in write mode. Works of course in engrave mode.