Hidden signpost apparently obscuring music

I noticed some corruption to a dynamic in a cello part:

Annotation 2024-06-18 152604

There was nothing in the vicinity with “erase background” activated. No text in an invisible colour. The problem persisted after a computer restart. Deleting the obscured bar just caused the corruption to occur in the bar that replaced the deleted one. I noticed the obscuring item moved when the stave below moved, and was able to see that it’s rectangular but not a recognisable hidden symbol or text item.

Annotation 2024-06-18 153350

Eventually I noticed it corresponded with the left-hand end of a System Break signpost - although it might be a coincidence that it aligns with that.

For this project, I’ve resolved the issue by moving staves apart so that the offending item was away from any notation. However, I’d be interested to know what I’ve done (if anything) to create this problem, or whether it’s a known issue.

I asked on FB but it isn’t solved yet. DORICO – The Next-Generation Scoring Software | I'm sure I'll kick myself when I find out | Facebook

Unless another user has already had this problem, the best thing to do is to upload that portion of your project. Your answer will “likely” come quick…

Does it stay or disappear when you press `, to activate the “Hide Invisibles” Preview…?

Yes, we’ll need to see a project file to investigate properly.

Another possibility is that the divisi change includes an empty space in one of the division labels.

Thank you all for your help.

In the process of stripping out all the irelevant material to create a file to share, I discovered that the obscuring artefact is associated with some text which I had dragged in Engrave mode:

If I reset it to its original position, the issue still persists:

The visible text (div. a 2) is the entirity of what I entered; there are no hidden spaces or anything else.

When I filp the text, the issue seems to go away:

This shows me how I might resolve the problem if it arises again, but doesn’t explain why the text should behave this way.

You’re still welcome to attach a project with the problem. There might be a good reason. Well… a reason.

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Here’s the stripped-down file with the still-misbehaving text.

Strange goings-on in bar 9.dorico (1017.7 KB)

You’ve got a divisi change with the Custom text property overridden to contain a single space character, and that’s what’s overprinting the dynamic in bar 9. It’s got nothing to do with signposts.


Ah, thanks Daniel. So it’s not directly caused by the new “div. a 2” text, but presumably flipping that text alters the displacement of the overridden divisi text?

Is there a better way to hide the unwanted default divisi text then? Personally I find the default enumeration of the divided parts somewhat non-standard, but overriding the number with the text I want (“div. a 2”) prevents me from placing that text where I want it.

EDIT: Correction; sorry, text created in the “Custom text” box of the divisi dialogue IS dragable.

May I make a feature request? Divisi text for strings which can default to “div. a n”? It would also be nice if it could automatically centre between two divided staves (in the case of “div. a 2” - the most common string divisi) and could appear in the margin before the bracket.

(Gould p.595)

I fully appreciate that the more one thinks about it the more complicated all the various scenarios become!

Unfortunately there’s only a single option for this in Layout Options, which you probably generally want to be set such that the labels appear. So you do indeed need to use the Custom text property, but make sure that you move the remaining item out of the way so that it doesn’t overprint something else.

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