Hidden Time Signatures and Multimeasure rests

I know this has come up before, but is there a good solution (or any solution) to having hidden time signatures and still letting the parts have consolidated multi-measure rests? I have numerous bars with different time signatures and have used the pickup-bar trick to enter these. That worked beautifully, but now I’m having problems with the parts.

What version of Dorico are you running? I believe hidden time signatures no longer split multi-bar rests.

If you’re having issues in a specific project, share it here.

Hi Lillie,

That would be good news, but it doesn’t seem to be here. I’m using 4.3 as of today:

If you’d like someone to investigate why this might not be working in your project, it’ll be easiest if you share the project itself here in this thread.

Thank you, Lillie.

Here’s a short excerpt that demonstrates the problem.
mm-rests.dorico (879.2 KB)

I’m not seeing the issue – this excerpt isn’t very long, but hiding the 3/2 in bar 2 allows the first two bars to become a single multi-bar rest.

Hiding the time signatures in bars 3 and 4 doesn’t change multi-bar rest consolidation, because there’s a tempo mark at the start of bar 3 that splits the multi-bar rest anyway.

Ah, and you seem to be using a mixture of global and local time signatures (global = applies to all staves; local = only applies to single staves), I assume to handle your hidden tuplets representing metric modulation? I could well believe that they aren’t handled the same as global time signatures, in terms of multi-bar rest consolidation, but I’d defer to one of my colleagues with more direct knowledge.

The problem is that there should be a 7-measure rest starting in measure 3. I do agree the hidden time signature is not the issue, it seems to be the ‘local’ time changes. Deleting the local time change in measure 3 causes the measures to consolidate, even with the hidden time-signature in measure 4.

Of course, these now show as 12/8, when I need C, so it’s not a solution. But at least I understand the problem better, thank you.

But, no help for my newly discovered issue, of local time signatures preventing multi-measure rest consolidation? Should I make a new topic?

It will really depend on what effect the staff-specific time signature has in context. Is the same local time signature present in all instruments in the layout at exactly the same position?

When the local time signature occurs, it is in exactly the same position and exactly the same one in all cases. These are situations where you have instruments that are playing 12/8 against common time, for example.

So, separate files for each part that is it issue, I guess?

It’s a very busy time on the forum at the moment in the immediate aftermath of a major release. Could you help us to help you by preparing a short example that demonstrates the problem? I’d appreciate it.

Hi Daniel,

There’s a very small example (at Lillie’s request) a few messages up. If that’s not sufficient, please let me know.

Get to it when you can, I appreciate your help, as always!