Hidden Tracks doesn`t reflect on Hardware Controller

I have an Icon Qcon! It works with the MCU Konfiguration. In Cubase 7.5 works well to hide a Track in Visibilemanagment. In Cubase 8 does not reflect the hidden Track on Qcon. It`s shows the hiden Track on Qcon.
See: http://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=226&t=69759

+1 here , the hiddens traks are showing on my MCU PRO :frowning:

Yes. Same here.

The only “Hide” feature that works is when I hide entire classes of tracks from the Mix Console - like all Audio or all Input.

This will put me back on 7.53 if not resolved, unfortunately.

If anyone has their MCU working just fine I’d really like to hear it (cmaffia suggested his was but I’m waiting for confirmation of this).

I’m in “Cubase” mode, by the way.
I may try “Compatibility” later - though it’s quite limited and I wouldn’t want to stay there.