Hidden tracks selection...

Create five tracks : A, B, C, D and E

In the Mix Console :

  • Hide tracks B and C
  • Cick on track A (in the console)
  • Shift+Click on track E to select A, D and E

You think that you have selected A, D and E ? No, you have selected A, B, C, D and E

(And, obviously, if you use Q-Link you modify tracks you don’t want to)

Same on Windows 7.

I sent a request to the support 5 days ago. Wait and see :slight_smile:

23 days and still no answer :frowning:

(yes I know, may 1st, week days, etc.)

(but, still…)

40 days = no answer !

At last, 48 days : “This bug is confirmed and we are currently working on a fix. This fix will be soon available. Please keep your Cubase updated.”

Victory !