Hidden tuplet brackets showing up when condensed

This work has extensive hidden tuplets as the various staves are in 9/8 vs the main meter in 3/4. The tuplets are fully hidden in the parts, but it’s malfunctinoing in the condensed score. This is obviously a blocking issue.

Raff 3.dorico (2.0 MB)

I’ve had the same problem a year ago and opened a thread about it in the forum. The solution I found (IIRC) was to use tuplets that span all over a bar (like 9:6e, instead of three 3:2 per bar). You can look for it?

Condensed staves are given an independent set of properties, apparently… you can get rid of the brackets in engrave mode…

And though you can’t filter in Engrave mode, you can Select More. It should be pretty quick to Cmd/Ctrl-click a tuplet on each staff then Select More a couple of times, then set the property once.


The problem is not solved in Dorico 4. Here is an example in Ravel’s Boléro:

On the line of the 1st Tambour, I removed the tuplet brackets with the trick suggested by Pianoleo (Thank you!). However, for the 2nd flute, you see that I selected all the tuplet brackets with the same trick, and nonetheless, although the “Bracket” property is set to “3” (i.e. no bracket), the brackets remain visible.
Does anyone know a workaround?

Surprise, surprise!
I changed the following option: in Layout options / Vertical Spacing / Staff Visibility:
“Allow invididual staves of multi-staff instruments to be hidden”: I checked it (because than the harp is better condensed), and suddenly: the tuplet brackets of the Flutes have disappeared!
Tuplets in condensed score disappearing

@Daniel Spreadbury: if useful, I can send you a project extract, so you can reproduce the problem.
Anyhow: if anyone knows what a better solution is: suggestions are most welcome!

Surpise (tris)!
I had the same problem with the horns. Then I changed the following option:
Layout Options / Players / Instrument changes
I changed the option “Instrument names to use in change labels” from “Short Names” to “Full Names”.
Result: the tuplets brackets of the horns disappear…

FYI, Daniel is @dspreadbury.

I’ll be interested to see any official commentary on this.

Many properties can be set independently when condensed and uncondensed, and tuplet bracket visibility properties are among them. If you want the brackets to be hidden when condensed, select them in Engrave mode on the condensed staff and set the properties appropriately.

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