hidden tuplet shows as flag

I am wondering about a problem when I ask Dorico to not display number or bracket for a tuplet. In Engraver mode, I get a 3;2 flag – which, oddly, shows up when I print! That 3:2 flag shows up also if I hide the last three tuplets in the previous measure – replacing each supressed 3.

See the attached, which also has in its first measure, a whole rest I simply can’t get rid of no matter what I do!

David Froom

To prevent these signposts from printing, make sure the ‘View options’ checkbox in the Annotations section of the print options panel on the right-hand side in Print mode is switched off.

To hide the bar rest in the first bar, find the preceding note in the same voice (switch on View > Note Colors > Voice Colors to see which voice that bar rest belongs to) and set the ‘Ends voice’ property on that note.

Hi Daniel,
Thanks. The view options was checked, though none of the boxes above it was checked. However, unchecking it did the trick.

The rest shows up even though the preceding note in the same voice was marked as “ends voice.” In fact, there are 3-4 intervening measures, and none of them has a whole rest. In the FOLLOWING measure, that voice starts up again, and, as it starts with a rest, won’t take the “starts voice” command. For some reason, this creates a whole rest in the previous measure…

Try selecting the unwanted rest and hitting Delete, which will make sure it’s not an explicit rest that you have actively created or caused to come into existence. If you can’t get rid of it, then zip up the project and attach it here and I’ll figure it out for you.

Well, there WAS a hard rest there. Thanks!